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Forging Resilience is aimed to serve Purple Heart Recipients, Combat Veterans, and Law Enforcement Officers who were critically wounded, involved in critical incident, or who have hit their 10 year mark in Law Enforcement. Through traumatic events, our Veterans and First Responders risked their lives for strangers and each other. Often leading them to feel isolated from the lingering mental anguish after returning home or to work. Though they have returned from the event physically, many memories of what occurred still rage within them.

Using steel heated to over 2,000 degrees, the mission of this program is to be proactive in the mental healing of our warriors by blacksmith/forging their own knifes as a form of therapy.  The goal is to foster an environment in which our warriors can build camaraderie, through shared experience, with fellow warriors, while simultaneously forging a resilience to their trauma.

The process of shaping the blade requires patience, perseverance, and precision. Each strike of the hammer represents the journey of healing. It is a step forward, a declaration of resilience in the face of adversity. Just as the blacksmith hammers the steel, we must be gentle with ourselves, acknowledging healing takes time and every small step forward is a victory.


Throughout the process of forging, you will encounter obstacles and challenges. The steel may crack, bend, or resist your efforts. But it is through these difficulties you learn resilience. You learn to adapt, find alternative solutions, and to persist despite setbacks. Every challenge you overcome strengthens your resolve and builds your capacity to face future difficulties.

The art of knife making and the Forge teaches that even in the face of trauma, we have the power to forge our own resilience. By acknowledging our pain, shaping our narrative, and embracing the journey of healing, we can emerge stronger, more resilient individuals.


This program is a 4 day course in Jonestown, Texas.  The recipient will only be responsible getting himself to and from the Forge. Food, Lodging and Forge are all on site! 

If you are interested in participating in Forging Resilience please complete a form but clicking the apply here button and we will get in touch with you.  We ask for your Patience through the application process.  Understand the forge is physically demanding and you will spend two full days in the forge. 


My experience at Chili Pepper Forge was exactly what I needed to refocus on healthy priorities. Physically, the forging process was enough of a challenge to keep me fully engaged and mindful of the connection between the metal and myself. Emotionally, I was attached to watching the slow but purposeful pushing and molding of the metal. I was fully engulfed in the process of creating my knife. After hours of hot and exhausting work, the result was more than I could have imagined possible. I am thrilled to have not only learned a new skill, but to have found a way to calm my mind and concentrate on something different for a change. I can’t say enough good about Brett, Vera, and the entire Chili Pepper Forge experience. Thank you all for this opportunity.


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