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Due to limited capacity, registration for the Gala Dinner is limited to 125 Purple Hearts (with their plus one) and 125 Law Enforcement Officers (with their plus one).  This is a first come first serve basis so make sure you register fast!


The Gala Dinner is for ADULTS ONLY only and limited to One Purple Heart/Law Enforcement Officer and their plus One.  (Professional Childcare will be available)


You may attend the Convention Unregistered, however, you may be charged to attend some events.


Registration and Food Selection will Close April 1st, 2024, or when capacity has been met!



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Welcome to the 2024 Purple Heart Convention. 

Our Host Hotel will be Holiday Inn Corpus Christi Down Town

707 N. Shoreline

Book fast because the rate of $107 per night will end 3/18/24

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Uniting Heroes: The 2024 Purple Heart Convention and Critically Wounded Police Officers 


Introduction: In a remarkable display of honor, resilience, and unity, the upcoming 2024 Purple Heart Convention will join forces with critically wounded police officers to celebrate their sacrifices and contributions. This extraordinary event will serve as a platform to recognize these heroes, foster camaraderie, and inspire a nation grateful for their unwavering dedication. As preparations unfold, anticipation mounts for an unforgettable gathering that will bring together Purple Heart recipients and police officers who have faced life-altering challenges.  


Honoring the Purple Heart Recipients: The Purple Heart Convention has long been a distinguished tradition, paying tribute to the recipients of one of the United States' most prestigious military honors. Established by General George Washington in 1782, the Purple Heart medal symbolizes the courage and sacrifice displayed by military personnel wounded or killed in action. This convention offers a unique opportunity for Purple Heart recipients to connect with one another, share their stories, and find solace in a community that understands their journey. 


Acknowledging Critically Wounded Police Officers: In a poignant collaboration, the 2024 Purple Heart Convention will extend its reach to include critically wounded police officers. These brave men and women, who have encountered life-altering injuries while safeguarding their communities, will be given a platform to share their experiences, triumphs, and challenges. By acknowledging their sacrifices alongside Purple Heart recipients, this convention emphasizes the shared commitment to serving and protecting the nation, regardless of the uniform worn. 


Camaraderie and Support: One of the core objectives of the convention is to foster camaraderie and provide a support network for Purple Heart recipients and critically wounded police officers. The event will facilitate connections between individuals who have endured similar challenges, enabling them to forge lifelong friendships and support systems. Through shared experiences, participants will find solace, understanding, and a renewed sense of purpose, ultimately strengthening their resolve to overcome obstacles and thrive. 


Public Recognition and Gratitude: The 2024 Purple Heart Convention, in conjunction with critically wounded police officers, will serve as a powerful reminder to the public of the sacrifices made by these courageous individuals. The convention's proceedings will be open to the public, through sponsorship, donation, and stand down booths, allowing citizens to express their gratitude and appreciation directly. Through this collective display of support, attendees and the broader community will come together to honor and recognize these heroes' courage, resilience, and enduring contributions. 


Conclusion: The 2024 Purple Heart Convention, merging with critically wounded police officers, promises to be an exceptional event uniting heroes from different walks of life. By honoring Purple Heart recipients alongside those who have sustained life-altering injuries as police officers, the convention will help foster camaraderie, provide support, inspire personal growth, and offer a platform for public recognition and gratitude. As this remarkable gathering approaches, anticipation builds for a truly unforgettable and transformative experience for all involved.

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